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"I always fake my orgasms if I'm with a guy who's pressuring me to come. Or if the guy is going to freak because I can't come through intercourse. The fact is, I just can't come with my vagina, no matter how hard I try, I guess I'm abnormal, huh. If they expect me to then I fake it. Some guys just can't handle the idea of their dick not giving me an orgasm, so faking it makes things easier."

This comment came from a survey asking women whether they faked their orgasms, and why they did it. It seems that the troubling issue of faking orgasm remains a big issue, even in the new millennium.

"I've been faking orgasms with my husband since we met three years ago. When I started, I didn't know he would be the man I'd end up marrying, and then when we got more involved, I didn't want to lose him over it because part of the reason he married me was because he thought the sex was so great."

It would seem that many women continue to be misinformed about their own sexuality, and men continue to short change both themselves and their partners by remaining ignorant about what constitutes good sex.

The social norm is still penetrative sex to male orgasm (often in the missionary position). However this method of sex was proven by Masters and Johnston to be unsatisfying to the vast majority of women.

Almost all teenage boys seem to grow up believing that women will receive pleasure from intercourse alone, and the media (whether pornography, films or books) does little to dispel this myth. Many young couples begin their sexual careers expecting to achieve fulfilment without understanding this basic difference between men and women.

When the expected female orgasm doesn't arrive, women step in and fake it.

As is the case with the quote above, faking is often used to maintain the male ego. This is because society - particularly the male oriented society found in porn and men's magazines - insists that "real men" can satisfy a woman through intercourse alone, and an inability to do this will reflect on his manhood.

This same thought process can result in men feeling threatened by vibrators; once again, he is unable to perform his role of bringing a woman to orgasm through penetration, and he's been outclassed by a machine.

"I do not have them through intercourse... some guys can't handle that."

Unfortunately all of this results in unhappiness for women, and blissful ignorance for men. The fact remains that the clitoris is the first source of pleasure for the vast majority of women, and neglecting it will inevitably lead to unsatisfying sex for the woman.

Communication is the key. Women need to overcome any shyness they may have, or any concern that they may hurt the man's feelings, and simply tell him. Just explain why she started faking and then tell him how to do it properly. In the end, a man can learn how to manually massage a woman to orgasm, and this will fuel his ego incredibly.

For centuries women have been taught that they weren't supposed to feel pleasure; taught by Freud that the clitoris resulted in "immature orgasms"; taught that they should achieve orgasm through penetration alone. Indeed, this idea resulted in 19th Century women receiving medically sanctioned orgasms (called 'Hysterical paroxysms") from the doctor after lack of sexual fulfilment led to physical illness.

In the 21st Century, women should feel at home with their sexuality, and should assert it in the bedroom. They shouldn't be afraid to educate men about their bodies and their needs. If they don't, who will?

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